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1 july 2010

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Yep...another 6 months gone and still I haven't improved with the amount of times I update this website! Today, however, I figured it was time to remove the "Merry Christmas" message at the top of the page!

Life in Coota continues to be GREAT! Jasper is loving "big school", Reanna continues to enjoy preschool and Baxter has settled into 2 days of preschool well too.

Andrew has been really busy with work this year, but is still happy to be here (and hoping to stay on!!). I have picked up some work from home and have also become a Phoenix Cards Independent Trader. I call it work, but it's a good excuse to get together with a bunch of girls to drink coffee and shop!! ;-)

I will endeavour to get back on here soon...to post photos from our Europe holiday, Reanna's birthday in January and Baxter's in February. Only 2 weeks until Jasper's birthday, so it might wait until then now!

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